Strange and Unusual Art Gallery


This page contains a display of artwork ranging from science fiction, gothic, fantasy and just plain strange. Most of the work you will find here was done in pencil. There are also some watercolor, oil pastel, and even a couple that were done using windows paint. 
Here, you can also find a large variety of photographs; sceneries in nature, titled "Horizons", a page dedicated to my favorite singer, Roger Waters of the band Pink Floyd, titled "Dark Side of the Moon" and an array of  things I put together, depicting my own dark side, titled "Stranger Stills". And for all you cat lovers, there is a very large amount of pictures of my dear cat "Pumpkin".

I've recently finished writing a book of short stories titled "Past, Present, and Further More." Here you will find an excerpt from each of the three stories from my book along with a brief synopsis. I have also included a photo gallery that shows the cover of the book and also three illustrations. I am currently writing Book 2, which is to be - not exactly a sequel - but a way in which I tie everything together that was mentioned in book one, and in the process, open doors to a much bigger story line. Here you can also get a first hand look at the Prologue for the second book.

"Past, Present, and Further More: A Book of Short Stories" is now available on Amazon, Borders, Barnes and Noble, etc.

So, please enjoy what I have contributed and feel free to let me know what you think.


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